• $4,200,000.00 -
      Leg burns from falling down stairs. Verdict
    • $3,500,000.00 -
      19 year old single woman killed by tree. Settlement during trial
    • $3,100,000.00 -
      hip and knee injuries with arthroscopic surgery, 49-year-old worker fell from ladder.Verdict
    • $6,700,000.00 -
      fractures and closed head trauma, 31-year-old man. Settlement after Verdict
    • $5,500,000.00 -
      21-year-old single woman killed in elevator accident. Settlement prior to trial.
    • $2,000,000.00 -
      head trauma - 31 year-old man in unwitnessed car accident car.
    • $2,000,000.00 -
      wrongful use of child's picture without consent (violation of Civil Rights Law). Verdict.
    • $1,750,000.00 -
      wrongful death of single man from motor vehicle accident. Settlement before trial.
    • $1,600,000.00 -
      fractured hip, 51-year-old woman struck by car on sidewalk. Verdict.
    • $1,100,000.00 -
      leg and face fractures - 50 year old temporary worker, fall from roof. Settlement at mediation.
    • $3,200,000.00 -
      fractures and closed head trauma, 8 year-old girl.
    • $900,000.00 -
      Back injuries from material falling on worker under Labor Law. Settlement at mediation
    • $850,000.00 -
      torn meniscus in knee, 53-year-old woman from car accident. Verdict.
    • $750,000.00 -
      short period of pain of comatose person from bus accident. Verdict.
    • $675,000.00 -
      broken hip 33-year-old man from police chase accident. Settlement prior to trial.
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Aviation Accidents

Why you need an attorney with aviation experience and knowledge:
Airline accidents and injuries
There are numerous federal laws and international treaties which govern lawsuits for airplane accidents. Knowing precisely which law or treaty governs your case can make a tremendous difference in your recovery. Under the MontrŠ¹al protocol, for example, you may be entitled to automatically recover up to specific limits regardless of fault. Even in those situations, you can recover without a limit based upon fault. You need an attorney who knows which laws and international treaties exist and which apply to your case.
Different laws and treaties have different time limits for when you can bring your lawsuit, different requirements for where you can bring your lawsuit and different limits on how much can be recovered. Having an attorney who knows the laws governing your case means that you will not miss time lines or make costly mistakes in seeking recovery.
Knowing the ins and outs of aircraft, airlines and the aviation industry can make an immeasurable difference in how your case is handled.

McMahon & McCarthy have experience in handling aviation cases as well as in the aviation industry itself. Partner, Matthew J. McMahon, has been a pilot since 1989. His experience as a lawyer and as an active pilot gives him the knowledge to make the airline fully compensate you for any injury. In a recent case, for example, we were able to obtain a settlement which was 39 times more than the airline was willing to consider prior to our being retained. Experience and knowledge count!

In addition to injuries caused by airplane crashes, you may be entitled to recover for injuries caused by:

Being hit by objects falling from overhead cabinets.
Tripping hazards on an airplane or in an airport.
Being unlawfully searched or detained.
Being burned by having hot beverages or food dropped on you.
Being struck by a food or beverage cart.
Being attacked by a passenger or crew member.
Being thrown to the floor or wall by turbulence.
Or any other occurrence in or while boarding or departing an aircraft. Call us for a no obligation appointment where we will sit down with you and your family and review what the merits of your case and you can expect from the airline.


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